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Solar Water Pumping System

Industry Leading Solar Power PV Water Pumping Systems

Ever imagined how much you are paying to the power distribution companies for running the motor/pump for one hour? We will help you out with the calculation part!
A regular house holds water pump of 3 horse powers have a power rating of 2.24kW, if we take the total mechanical efficiency of the pump as 90% of the input power the result will be 2.49kW of energy will be consumed. The number of units of electrical energy consumed for 2 hours will be equal to 2.49 units. One unit of electricity will cost you around Rs. 6 on average in India. If you run the motor for two hours, you are spending around Rs 12/day for the whole month. This will result in an energy bill of Rs.360/month.
The bill is linked with a number of hours you are operating the pump. For small scale farmers, households, this bill will make a huge hole in the pocket. One of the alternatives is to use diesel/Kerosene powered pumps which will consequently lead to the devastation of our beautiful planet.
We at Power-one with our ingenious Solar water pumps are giving you a third and best alternative solution to your problems. Our product uses solar energy which is a renewable source to power up your pumps. The solar energy is converted to electrical energy and then it is given as input to our technically advanced solar pump converter which outputs 3 phase power. The 3 phase output from our pump controller can be used to run a monoblock or submersible pumps suitable for small farms, hospitals, apartments, and households.


Product Range:

Our pumps range from a horsepower rating of 3 HP to 20 HP. The solar pumps are easy to handle, easy to maintain, less maintenance, low cost and has less operational hazard linked with it. What is better than an automatic operating pump with auto recognition and grid support. The Power-one solar pumps are line interactive and have an MPPT controller which will produce output in accordance with the sunlight. When the solar insolation is enough, the pump will run on solar energy otherwise it will run with the help of main supply to ensure a full speed of operation.

Product Applications:

  • Irrigation pumps
  • Farm House
  • Villas
  • Public gardens
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Water pumping stations