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Grid Connected Solar PV System

Industry Leading Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System Manufacturer

Power one Microsystems is bringing you a golden opportunity to generate your own electricity without damaging the environment. An investment which will maximize the returns in coming future. We at PowerOne microsystems has pledged to push forward eco-friendly technologies to build a sustainable and green future.
We are bringing you a wide range of rooftop Photovoltaic solutions which generates electricity without any hassle. Our engineers have designed these systems in accordance with the Indian climatic conditions. Generally, solar rooftop power systems fail during three months long Monsoon in India. Our Solar roof top system will continue to produce electricity even if the solar irradiance is low compared to the normal lighting conditions. Thanks to the efficient solar charge controllers and Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithms with which we had programmed our microcontrollers.
We supply the most efficient solar cells. Our solar cells are based on mono-crystalline technology which not only increases the net power output from a single cell, it reduces the net price of power generation per square meter.
Our engineers will work with you and customize the rooftop solutions in accordance with your roof- plan. Being light weight and having a static design, our products can withstand harsh climatic conditions. The roof top solar systems which we provide comes with an advanced inverter technology which will ensure that the conversion from DC to AC is done quickly. The inverter technology is one of the key components of roof top PV solutions. Powerone is a leader in the market for Solar inverters.

Product Range:

Our solutions range from grid connected PV Roof top solutions with a power output of 1kW to 100kW. Grid connected solar roof top solutions will ensure that you will get the returns on your investment as soon as possible. The net meter integrated with the device will help you to sell the excess energy to your local power distributor.


Solar Photovoltaic system with Net Meter

1 KVA Line Interactive UPS 650VA Line Interactive UPSAn On-Grid or Grid-tie solar photovoltaic system is used when solar photovoltaic system is Connected to a utility source for self Consumption and export Excess Energy. On-Grid solar systems are advantageous as the electricity generated by Solar Consumed by the owner during the day and any surplus is exported to the grid. The Solar power generated will be consumed by the load fully by that we can used solar most and remaining will be shared from grid. Consumer will pay to the Escoms for the difference of units exported & consumed. If the Exported Energy is more than the Consumption in a month utility will be Paying for the Excess Exported units.

Product Applications:

  • Industries
  • Corporate / Office with day time load
  • Schools and colleges
  • Commercial complexes and software parks
  • Hospitals, resorts & villas