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Hybrid Solar Inverter ( Grid-Tie with Energy Storage )

Industry Leading Hybrid Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Powerone Solar Hybrid inverters cater your need of having a sustainable and eco-friendly power backup option. Hybrid inverter is a deep cycle battery based power storage system. The battery could be charged through three different modes namely, the line supply, generator and Photovoltaic system. Hybrid inverters with the photovoltaic system are eco-friendly and will reduce the carbon foot print. The hybrid inverter batteries will be charged via the solar panels in the off grid inverters which are not directly connected with the main power supply line.

How Hybrid Solar Inverter Works?

Powerone solar charge controllers have been designed to support large variant of isolation values which makes it suitable in cloudy days as well. The integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking system will help to maintain a certain standard of power output from the solar panels. The DC current from the solar panels will charge the batteries which will be converted to required AC power by the inverters. PV coupled Hybrid inverters have peak power production during mid day. Our inverters combined with smart PLC will redirect the excess energy to the grid and allow you to gain reduction in your monthly power bill. Power-one Hybrid inverter series is suitable for use in hospitals, schools, shops, and small scale industrial units. Smaller series Hybrid inverters are suitable to power your house in an eco-friendly way. So what are you waiting for, say good bye to fluctuating electricity or power failures!! Please check our catalog to know more about our hybrid inverters. Technical specifications and battery sizes are mentioned in our catalog. Contact us here for further queries:


Product Range:

  • 1KW/2KW/3KW/5KW HYbrid Solar Inverter (1Phase to 3Phase)
  • 10/20/30/40/50/60kW Hybrid Solar Inverter (3Phase-3Phase)

Product Features:

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Local load consumption and export to grid
  • Can be programmed supply priority for solar, Battery or Grid
  • User adjustable charging current and voltage
  • Programmable multiple operation modes like On-Grid , Off-Grid and Grid-tie with battery backup.
  • Parallel operation up to 6 units only for 10kW models (optional)
  • Optimum utilization of solar energy to charge the batteries and load in the event of power failure.

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