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Online UPS

Industry Leading Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System Manufacturers

Ever got fed up with regular power surges and reduction in the line voltages? A momentary surge or reduction in the power supply may cause injuries, business loss and even cause a data loss which may cause a security threat. We at Power One Microsystem has designed a range of Online and Offline Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for both common house-hold users to industrial range UPS which can guarantee a inline power output up to 800kVA.
Powerone Micro Systems is the only Indian online UPS manufacturer company that manufacture UPS up to 800KVA with paralleling capability up to 8 times. Our products are designed by experts in the field of power systems. We have utilized a state of art manufacturing technique implementing the latest Digital Signal Processing technology which will ensure a pure sine wave output. A true sine wave output will ensure that there is no high frequency transient or oscillation in the output line which causes power fluctuations. The instability in the main line because of poor connection and arbitrations will be taken care of by our devices.
Our UPS provides state of the art lightning surge protection and the controller can withstand a wide range of input voltages. Power One UPS ensures efficient power regulations compared to other devices in the market.


Product Range:

  • 1KVA Online UPS Phase- 1Phase
  • 2KVA Online UPS 1Phase - 1 Phase
  • 3KVA Online UPS 1Phase - 1Phase
  • 5KVA Online UPS 1Phase - 1Phase
  • 6KVA Online UPS 1Phase - 1 Phase
  • 10 KVA Online UPS 3Phase - 1Phase
  • 15KVA Online UPS 3Phase - 1Phase 
  • Rack Mount UPS 1 - 5KVA ( 1Ph - 1Ph)
  •  6- 20KVA (3Ph - 1Ph)
  • PTM 800 Series 6KVA to 15 KVA  1Phase - 1Phase
  • PTM Series 6 KVA to 30 KVA 3 Phase - 1Phase
  • PMS Series 6KVA to 40 KVA 3Phase - 1Phase
  • PMG Series 10KVA to 30 KVA 3Phase - 3Phase
  • PMP Series 10KVa to 800KVA 3Phase - 3Phase
  • PPT Series 10KVA to 400KVA 3Phase - 3Phase
  • PPM 3300 Series 10KVA to 500KVA 3Phase - 3 Phase
  • PMM Series 6KVA to 1560KVA 3Phase - 3Phase (Modular UPS)

Product Features:

  • Small bulk, light weight and strong cubical design
  • Sophisticated Micro control based digital controlled Design
  • True Sine Wave double conversion online topology
  • Wide Input voltage and frequency range.
  • High efficiency design especially for machine and inductive load
  • RS232 communication port and inbuilt SNMP slot.
  • Enhanced protection against lightning surges, sag and swell.
  • Hot Standby facility
  • Large Screen Display.
  • Easily operated and feather touch display board