One Stop Solution To All Your Power Needs

Why Choose Us?

Meet the industry standard bearer in manufacturing and exporting power conversion technology in India. With over 28+ years of Manufacturing experience in our bags, we understand renewable energy better than anyone. PowerOne is the pioneer in the field of Solar-on-grid inverter, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Solar Off-Grid Inverters and Solar Power Plants. There isn’t a company in India that can rival our years of experience and expertise in the field.

Our Customer Services!

Our customers recognize our products not just because they are reliable, but because they do the job efficiently. PowerOne is famous across the country for our easy to install products with a long service life. We offer our customers with the service that they deserve, with the fastest customer service in the sector. Put your faith in PowerOne and start your Solar journey today!

Our Experience!

Started in 1992, as a humble UPS provider, PowerOne today is India’s Most Favourite Power Service Provider. We cater to all your power needs, from transformers to Solar Power Systems. And of course, the humble UPS. We’ve been recognised by the Central Government in 2007 for providing Quality Product of the Year in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Category. This along with winning the SD Award for 12 years in a row. We’re the pioneers of the power conversion technology par excellence.

Smart way to Power Your home!

Our foray into the field of renewable energy is equally well recognised. With a strong presence at the Solar today expo, year after year. Our state-of-the art, modern industrial factory is located right in the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. With a well trained workforce creating industry standards everyday, in terms of both application engineering and after-sales service. With PowerOne you can be assured of the noble aim of “Make In India.”