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Line interactive UPS is used for small business, web and departmental servers. Power-one has the complete range of Line interactive UPS from 650 VA to 1000VA. Providing complete protection to your computers and electronic equipment against surges, blackouts and power fluctuation, Our UPS are your perfect choice. For equipment with larger power requirement, our Line interactive UPS system are the most reliable by providing solid battery backup to maintain sufficient power to save work when the power fails. Our Manufactured Line interactive UPS are being used by various small Industries, household works and IT Sector around the globe.

How Line interactive UPS Works?

When there is a power shortage or the main input power fails, the transfer switch opens and the power is connected to the UPS output from the battery, thus making sure you have uninterruptable power till your battery lasts. This type of design provides additional filtering and harvests economized switching transients in comparison with the standby UPS technology. This device also adds voltage regulation when the input voltage varies by adjusting the transformer taps, Keeping voltage regulation as an important feature especially when low voltage conditions exist, the UPS transfers to battery till the current is stabilized.


  • Micro controller based technology
  • Closed loop output voltage regulation
  • Excellent regulation in mains and inverter
  • Visual Indication: Mains, UPS, Battery & Load
  • Constant voltage, constant current charger for longer battery life
  • Built In Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Telephone Line / Modem / Surge Projection Facility
  • RS 232 interface with automatic shut down (optional)


  • High Efficiency
  • Wide input range suit for any condition
  • High reliability due to digital controllers
  • Change over time less than 4 milli seconds
  • Sleek and Low foot print

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Line Interactive UPS