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Power One offers a wide range of advanced and intelligent Power One Frequency Converters solutions both single phase three phase input output with variable frequency from 60Hz to 400Hz.

Static frequency converter (SFC) is designed for Defence establishments and aviation industries to give constant amplitude and frequency. These SFC’s supplies the required ouput as per the specification, and protects the equipment from the irregularities of the commercial mains supply

SFC’s are of superior design and quality. The SFC’s are manufactured using the highest quality components, with precise assembly, subjected to high quality testing and inspection procedures.


  • MOSFET/IGBT based APWM technology
  • Double power conversion ensuring complete protection
  • Wide input voltage operation
  • High efficiency through advanced technology
  • Electronic tripping circuits for better protection


Why Choose Power-One?

  • Varying Product Range
  • Advanced Technology
  • 25 Year Old Trusted and Valuable Enterprise
  • Dedicated and Committed Management
  • Handsome ROI (Return On Investment)

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