Evolution of human beings began with the parallel consumption of resources. Natural resources were the first to start with and then eventually through technological evolution, man-made resources also came into existence. With the gradual utilities, natural resources started taking a toll on human lives by ruining the very nature or precisely the environment that produced it. Thus, a more innovative corner of technology is now bringing out alternatives to combat this current situation. One of them is solar energy and its wide range of uses and advantages over the normal electrical power resources. The main aim of using solar energy is obviously involved with the reduction in the use of non-renewable resources for electricity production to increase the longevity of these resources and also do huge welfare to the environment. Various of these utilities of solar energy include solar panels, solar inverters, solar streetlights and so on.

Solar inverters are a huge contribution to the solar energy system to mankind. These operate with solar panels. The solar panels are engraved with photovoltaic cells on them. These cells do the main job of absorbing the sun rays in the daytime and store it to eventually convert it to electrical energy. This electrical energy is then transferred to the areas of utility. The inbuilt generator or storage section converts the DC into the usable AC and stores the energy for later use, by connecting it to the root connection grid when there’s not enough sunlight. These inverters are doing wonders in households and industries and are being widely used every day.

There are several types of these solar inverters-

  • Standalone inverters – These invertors are used in isolated systems where the inverters draw their direct charge from the batteries charged by photovoltaic arrays. These are mostly used in the domestic sphere and has an additional advantage of power production even in the absence of sunlight. These are completely comfortable for customers since it cuts down on the customer’s dependence on the mechanical form of power production and one becomes capable of the power conversion all by themselves.
  • Grid Tie Inverter – This type of inverter provides net metering capabilities and helps in converting DC into AC. The main advantage of this type of an inverter is the cost management and everything becomes essentially compact and easy to be used. The conversion that takes place inside the device for inbuilt power storage makes it possible for power production even in the absence of sunlight for which it can be used throughout the year, even in the presence of mild sunlight when the AC is put into work and the grid current is then implemented.
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters- Hybrid inverter is a deep cycle battery-based power storage system. The battery could be charged through three different modes namely, the line supply, generator, and Photovoltaic system.

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