The world comes to a pause when the electrical assistance is interrupted. The whole civilization of technological fruit becomes useless when there is no electricity. In medicine and health care, the issue is no different in any way. With most of the medical developmental pursuits happening through technology, like organ imaging, X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, Scanning, the entire world of radiology has been given a separate platform of recognition and excellence. Not just that, the basic power supply in a medical room, like the operation theatres and OPD chambers, spontaneous and successful electrical supply has played a huge role by hugging the betterment of the modern lifestyle in the medical scenario of India.

UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply is an electrical situation that backs up the power set-up of a place when the main load fails to do so for some glitch. It makes sure not to interrupt the supply process and keep the process smooth and uniform without any stop or fail. In the medical world, where every second is a situation of emergency, the requirement of a UPS is a must. It should always be active since this is a question of life. Sophisticated imaging equipment has become a mission-critical tool for medical professionals, who need access to 24x7x365. The technology should be upgraded enough to satisfy this requirement. This is just not a step forward to the medical development of the country, but also to its economic growth through a great infrastructure.

Powerone comes with the best products of UPS modulation that gives a long term impact and a very successful output. In places where there’s an urge of 24×7 power supply, Powerone serves its purpose to its best. With an experience of almost more than 25 years, we make an effort to use sustainable options for the production of our power supplies. Apart from our very renowned UPS system, we also have a contribution to the use of solar energy for different types of inverters and other electrical commodities. Apart from manufacturing different products, we also have our hands at exporting. Powerone is famous across the country for our easy to install products with long service life.

Powerone Micro Systems is the only Indian online UPS manufacturer company that manufacture UPS up to 800KVA with paralleling capability up to 8 times. We have the best set of experts who have an efficient hand of help with the production of the best UPS around the country. Powerone also uses an art technology with the Digital Signal Processing Technology which yields a pure sine wave output confirming zero power fluctuations, thus loss. Thus the entire inconvenience of ineffective and inefficient power supply with interruptions is taken care of by the best strategies of Powerone.

The two types of UPS system provided by us are-

  1. Online UPS system.
  2. Line interactive UPS system.