Before proceeding with the price of the 5hp solar water pump in India, it is very important to get a proper understanding of solar water pumps and its utility.

We need water for fulfilling our basic survival needs and access to clean water has always been a very big concern in a lot of places in India. A water pump helps in pumping unlimited supply of water and is an easy solution to overcome the water problem, especially in rural India.

The traditional water pump needs electricity generated from petrol and diesel for pumping water and this adds an additional cost.  The solar water pump is water pumps that are powered by electricity generated by the solar panels and is a feasible option for pumping water in our homes and farms.

Solar water pumps can be used for a lot of purposes such as pumping water in the swimming pools, for water farming (irrigation needs for water), domestic needs and so on. Also, it is very important to understand the solar water pumps are available in diverse varieties and one should very carefully select the water pump that suits the needs.

Advantages of switching to solar water pumping system are:

  1. Zero cost of fuel as solar water pump use solar energy to generate electricity which is available to us free of cost.
  2. No extra electricity is required for operating solar water pumping system.
  3. The operation life of these solar water pumping system is quite long which means one can rest assured for a long time post installation of solar water pumps.
  4. Solar water pumps are a reliable source of pumping water and it is durable as well
  5. Solar water pumps are very easy to operate and maintenance of these solar water pumps is also very convenient.
  6. The biggest advantage of using solar water pumps is that it is environment-friendly and has zero negative impact on the environment.

Solar water pumps usually consist of one or more solar photovoltaic modules, a controller device, a motor pump set and in some cases, it also includes inverters, batteries etc.

Application of 5 HP Solar Water Pump:

A 5HP Solar water pump is ideally used for irrigation in farm holding of 3-5 acres that have an open well or tube well with the water level at 100-120 feet depth

How Solar Water Pump Works:

Solar water pump operates on the electricity that is generated by solar panels that are made of photovoltaic cells. With the help of the electricity generated, water is drawn from the open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal meet the water requirements.

Solar water pumps are primarily used in remote areas where the cost of operating a traditional water pump is expensive. It can also be used if you are looking for a water pump that will provide water to an off-grid home. One can use solar water pumps for pumping water for the livestock and for irrigation of crops

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Cost of 5hp Solar Water pumps:

Price of 5hp solar water pump varies from company to company and it starts from 3 lakhs onwards in India. The government has issued a lot of subsidies to help farmers get hold of these solar water systems.