Installation of a solar system at home can be a wise economic decision that can potentially improve one’s financial position.

They can not only reduce the electricity bill of the house but also is a very good real estate choice and investment for the future. Adding a solar unit can increase the value of your property by at least 5%. This increases the resale value of your property and also makes it a more viable option for potential buyers in the future. The combined benefit of higher resale value and lifetime energy saving makes solar a compelling financial investment.

Solar energy is cheaper cleaner and greener than any other form of electricity that can be purchased. The plus to this is that the government also offers discounts on your taxes if one uses a cleaner source of energy and had the documents to prove so. The tax benefits can be up to 30% and this can do a great deal and add to one’s savings. This can be looked at as more of a long term investment than a short term Investment. In the longer run, these solar systems end up paying for themselves and give back more than what they initially had cost.

Different markets maybe more or less favourable to solar homes, but they never affect the price in a negative sense. They are for sure to rise the property value and can never cause a loss. They are a perfect choice of invest and it is the best clean source of energy out there.

Installing solar panels can be the safest and wisest invest one can make.

  • You enjoy electricity bill saving over 30 years from your solar PV system’s lifetime.
  • Even if you decide to sell your home, it will fetch you a higher premium, which will for sure cover the upfront cost of instillation.
  • It pays nearly 200%+ return and this exceed any other financial investment by a huge margin.
  • It also adds to one’s tax saving as the government now provides tax slices for those who opt for cleaner energy sources.

If you are looking to install a solar to add to the property value it’s is not a bad idea and for sure will show it’s benefits in the near future.