If there’s one thing every Indian can attest to it is the frequent and abrupt power cuts the country sees. Whether you live in a city or in a village, power cuts are a mainstay of life in India. There are a lot of different reasons for that. But primarily, it is due to the unavailability of sufficient power in the country’s power grids. This has only been accentuated as power demand has grown across the country. Particularly from rural India, where many are witnessing power for the first time. Eastern and North-Eastern India see a power deficiency of 10.3% and 8.3% respectively. The Indian government’s initiative to connect every village in India to the national power grid is only going to accentuate this deficiency. India quickly needs power solutions that can cater to its needs and requirements.

This is perhaps where Solar Power could step in. Solar Power, both off-grid and grid connected could fill in the gaps that traditional power has left. There are many reasons why you can place your bets on Solar Power for the future of India:

  1. India is blessed with a bounty of Solar Power. As a tropical country, there’s sun in most parts of India throughout the year. That means most parts of India can generate their own Solar Power. This is in stark contrast to countries like the UK and Canada where Solar Power is scarce and difficult to harness.
  2. Non-Renewable Energy sources are diminishing constantly. They’re called Non-Renewable for a reason. They hurt the environment, which is becoming an increasingly important issue in India. Solar on the other hand is completely renewable and non extinguishable.
  3. Solar Energy is supported by the Indian Government. They signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016 to cut Carbon Emissions. India also hosted the first International Solar Alliance in 2016, a sign of things to come and India’s support to Solar.
  4. Solar Generation capacity is growing year by year. As are large scale Solar Power Projects. One in Rajasthan is touted to be the largest of its kind in the world. Solar Power generation is pegged to be at 100 GW by 2022.
  5. The private sector is utilizing this opportunity to generate energy. Companies like PowerOne are entering the Solar Power generation industry, both for industrial as well as home use. More competition means better prices and quality for the customer.
  6. Rural areas are still surprisingly lacking in conventional power supply. This is where Solar can and is stepping in and bridging the gap. With Off-Grid Solar Power Systems being installed, it is becoming easier to Power villages across India. Which remain a massive untapped market for power suppliers.

With favorable policies from the government, increased awareness among common people, and a consistent and affordable power supply, Solar energy could really offer the future India deserves. Not just in the form of commercial undertakings but also in the form of Rooftop Solar Power Systems, that every home can install. However, there is an urgent need on the part of both the private and public sector to massively expand their Solar capabilities, demand and supply to make sure Solar is effectively able to fill in the gaps where  traditional power fails.